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A Mist of Seasons - Freebie Look

Hey there sweetpies!! Saturday look featuring two events that started today!! CHIC Limited and the Seasons Hunt. CHIC limited is now open for all and I will keep bringing some teases to show what you can find there.
I haven't finished the Season's Hunt yet but couldn't resist on giving a peak of the great stuff I've been finding. The hunt item to find is a snowman and is quite big so is usually very easy to find. There's no starting point (I guess) but to have a full list with the stores and respective LM's join the inworld group-.
STOLE: &Bean - A Big Deal Stole - 0L (seasons Hunt)
GLASSES: Alphavillain - The Ipcress Sunglasses - 0L (seasons Hunt)
JEANS:Doppelganger Inc. - Frost Jeans - 0L (seasons Hunt)
MAKE UP: PIDIDDLE - Chapped Lips & Cheeks.Nose /Full Face/ Teeth - 0L (seasons Hunt)
SHIRT: Willow~ Striped Chunky Sweater - Bark and Vanilla -0L (seasons Hunt)
DRESS: SMS Floral Dress - CHIC Limited

Le Cygne (Seasons Hunt exclusive) -0L

SKIN: Glam Affair - Jadis- Clean
SHOES: Maitreya Pumps - subscribo