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Be aware that most of the content exposed here are freebies. Besides that I may accept review copies but will only blog things of my taste, won't lie to my readers.Read more info here. For any other questions you may contact me inworld or : My Flickr Plurk I am also human and have a RL. So if I don't blog something for lack of time is nothing personal. Hugsssss.


Art of Freebies: Out and about

-Me, Steffy Ghost, is the only person responsible for this blog. No alts no third parties.

-Art of freebies is not only about the Second Life freebies but also about art (digital art), all the pictures are submited to editing so keep in mind checking the designers vendors and trying demos before purchasing.

-The blogged items were available until the moment the blog post was made, if any of the items get off reach (on group notices or store) is not the blogger's fault neither the creators. So please do not creat issues on this.

-Review copies are accepted and I am thankful but I won't ask for anything. So is up to you sending or not, if it fits my blog I will be happy to post it.

-Any problems with a SLURL please send me a message or leave a comment so I can take care of it and fix it.

-The items I blog are all no transfer! So keep out of mind me passing anything. I am not a creator so visit the store and get them yourself. :)

-All I ask from readers and designers is respect and comprehension. I have a RL and just blog for fun.