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CHIC is coming to town


Hey there sweets!! Giving you some more peek-a-boo on CHIC Limited items!! It will open tomorrow around 3PM SLT! So stay tuned for that and the other SL events I mentioned on the last post.
Also today got some nice message that left me all smiley. One of my fave SL bloggers gave gently sent me some of the interesting things she does to SL also in the company of some very kind words. I am talking about Eve Kazan and she's the blogger for Mademoiselle. I will possibly not need to tell what amazes me on her fashion and blog all you need it to check her blog : here!!
EARRINGS: finesmith harmony gold earrings - Finesmith Hunt
HAIR: (Posh) ; Beat ; Latte
PANTS: -Glam Affair - Spiker
TATTOO: actchio. i hide myself within my flower tattoo - Subscribo
LIPS: Mad' - Line Lips - 5L (marketplace )
BOOTS: Rita by Vive9
SKIN: Grixdale - Emery - Milk - Saccharine - frex -CHIC Limited

PS- Due to lag reasons I had to stay in my tiny studio... but soon hope to land back on pretty SL sims!! :D