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Heavy Wind - Freebie Look

Hellow my Artists! First of all want to leave my votes for some happy and cozy holidays for you all! Have some nice deserts for me. :P
This look was TOTALLY inspired by these liners made by Aemeth. Besides being a big supporter of my annoying self she's also a great artist. She also said they were made inspired on my looks... and I feel very flattered by this... Would never in my life image myself being gifted this way.
Nice and cheap make up for you sexy pixels... what else we can ask for?
Also deeply in love with the Gifts sent by Maitreya and Peqe. Also more so 2010 items. So stay tunned for more details. :)
Here's four of the five versions of the Heavy Liners. The fifth one in like the first on in the second pic, but is tintable so you can make it match your outfits. Thank you so much Aemeth.

BOOTS: .:Vive9:. Xianv2 Boot - Black/Silver (wood) - So 2011 - 50L
MAKE UP: [ a.e.meth ] - Heavy Liner Makeup (Runway) - Thanks Aemeth
HAIR: Maitreya Lauren - Charcoal - Subscribo Gift
JEWELLERY: Jewelry Set Scroogelina by 3636 - 0L (under Xtmas tree)
DRESS: Peqe - Kendall Leoness - Subscribo
PANTS: -Glam Affair - Spiker - So 2011 - 50L
SKIN: -Glam Affair - Jadis - Natural Clean

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