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Inner Peace - Freebie Look

I was having ideas of making those huge speeches... But I was thinking about 2010 today and found it might have been one of the best years in my life (both SL and RL). No I did not won the lottery but I guess I found my inner peace and key to happiness. I am blessed by great friends in RL, my home is full a laughing and I spent 99,9 % laughing/smiling. I have said several times that smiling makes you happy, even if you have no reason to do so... I also cried a lot... but with the goofy stuff that run trough my mind and other people around me... random!
I can't deny that I also met amazing people in SL. SL is just some place I go to realise dreams I can't in RL. Is good to be connected with art again after all these years... to see great artists, to have that butterflies in my belly telling me to grab a pencil and draw again... So nope, I am not here for drama or to take care of people who just like SL to b*tch around... And makes me happy when I can make other people around me as happy as I am... for no reason... but who cares. :)

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