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When the storm Subsides - Freebies

Hey Hey Hey. This has been some lazy week and I've not been posting that much either but here's some new look with goodies for you.
I loved this bow Magika has available for subscribers (don't know if you were not already a member of the Subscribo you still can get it but give it a try). Comes with several colours changeable with HUD and also a mirrored version so you can make it go with your hair more easily.
The Hair is the Anaphora Gift I blogged here but I did lot of modification by turning the feathers to transparent, it takes time to do if you want to dare and always make a copy of the original before starting to mod.
The shirt is one of the new releases by Artilleri, I got this color (+ lime) is the past FLF if you didn't get it you still can buy it for 120L (I guess).
The skirt is some super cuteness group gift by SMS (so many styles).

HAIR: [Anaphora]_Smokahontas_Bole- Group Gift (mod)
SKIN: Mons - non free
SHIRT: /artilleri/ FLF - Othelie blouse *brown* - non free
SOCKS: ][AV][stocking asian set - 1L
LIPSTICK: AtomicBambi - Sabrina Lip Palette- DIMH - 0L
NECKLACE: boho - double layer necklace Gold charms II - DIMH - 0L
EARRINGS: finesmith harmony Gold earrings - Subscribo
BOW: Magika // Kawaii Bow - subscribers gift
SHOES: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps - Subscribo
SKIRT: {SMS} Chiffon Lacy Skirt Red - Group Gift

Localization: Empress & Hierophant
* DIMH : Diamond is Mine Hunt