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The future is over your head

Hey there Artists bringing some look to escape from these week's cute state of mind. :D Hope you all are having a great week. This looks most of all features the new releases from Finesmith but also showing some nice goodies you can get for free.
Finesmith released several goodies here I am showing you the chest piece and the necklace but there's also some prim nails and a forehead piece so check it out.
The chest piece was what dared me to this futuristic look is named: In the flash- shpitz, with a click you can access the menu when you have several options such as color change that allows you to wear your piece in so many ways. Also love the back detail that makes it look like crossing your body... very daring and I love it so much.
The necklace is named touch the stars and is a very special release. During a month (starting 16th November) this piece will be sold at 250L and all the proceeds go to Give2live that helps children who suffer from cerebral palsy.
Also the Finesmith style contest keeps going on. Tomorrow is the Fetish week! I will love to see it is at 9am and you can see other details here.

(these photos have no photoshop so you can see the items as they are)

HAIR: [Anaphora]_Kura_II_Umber - 0L (check group notices -male gift)
HEADSET: **KANIVAL** DR. DRE edition headset - 1L (I guess)
CHEST PIECE: Finesmith- In the flash- shpitz (thanks yula)
NECKLACE: Finesmith- Touch the stars - 250L (thanks yula)
SKIN: (bodyline) SARA
BRACELETS: LaGyo subscribe gift - 0L
MAKE UP: [ a.e.meth ] - Miss Vicious Eyeshadow (Blue) -100L fatpack
EYES: yips rainbow sight - 0L