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Urban Tribes - Freebies

Good evening dear Artists. Almost two days without posting but a girl always needs some rest. Yesterday the FTLO Autumn Hunt started. I was very excited to make this hunt and since I've been having some problems with my viewer... and seems sometimes I see myself dressed but others don't (007 agent powers they have maybe) and they only thing they got to see is my prims. So god damn SL no exposing my naughty pixels I got myself a cute panda avie and was all happy hunting... Vain as I am ,couldn't stop looking at my panda tush... and then I had this grannie avie from Baiastice and waisted all my precious time just admiring the old lady and her cane... Conclusion? Did like 10 stores from the hunt so far. Story of my life.
So I heard about this hair from Anaphora. Looked very cute an after several tries I was able to visit the main store. I've never heard of it but glad I did. Was trying out some of the non free hairs and they have some nice stuff. And even best: Is a small store! So I didn't got lost.
So this hair and also this pretty tattoo layer Veronica from Tasty dropped on me (hugsssssss) made the perfect match! The Tattoo layer is not free but they are a bunch inside this theme and super cute. Also if you're a tattoo layer addict check the Tasty Subscribo there's some nice free tattoo layers.
I know my pics aren't looking the best but had to delete all my SL stuff from computer and install all again so still need some inworld touch ups but, seriously couldn't leave this for tomorrow as I was super excited got inspired on this project I did once about Sub-cultures and is always good to remember old days.

HAIR: [Anaphora]_Smokahontas_Bole - Group Gift (notices)
BAG: -RC- Food Bank Donations - 0L
SHIRT: *COCO*_Shirt&Parka_CheckRed - Group Gift
SKIN: Mons - non free
BELT: [chuculet] low waist belt - brown - 2L
BOOTS: [IHS] Ground Stompers - 0L
TOP: .:it's CAKE:. Fall Strapless shirt - FTLO HUNT - 0L
SKIRT: Yozoh* Koizora ( Sad swansong ) - Gacha - 40L
MAKE UP: {T}-.Freedom. Inner Bohemian Makeup - non free (thanks Veronica :* )