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Jungle Drum - Freebies

Aloha sweets. :] This has been such a happy day for me and I hope I can spread some positive love around. Iam also wondering why I eat an apple everytime I post.
I felt an ethnic feeling on me today... wanted something indian modern with bright colors to match this skin from Cstar. I may say if I ever had to advice someone to pick up a dark tone skin would be from them. The Caucasian versions don't amazed me that much but I just fall in love when I put on this pretty tanned skins. Is so yumm... and really gives that ethnic feeling with strong eyes and natural lips. So I will give it 5 stars for making a girl like me who's proud of her pale shade in both lives being an exotic beauty for a day. :] (in this package also comes the lighter versions... Give it a try this is fresh from the subscribo).
Once again the Nestle My Bossom thighs... they are so dang cute and nham... :D
So the look went more to a african alike thing and not so Indian but hope you like.
SKIN: .cStar. Miss November Skins *2010 Edition* - For Women Only - Subscribo Gift
HAIR: [ JP ]:dsg. Hair *Sally / GROUPGIFT - 0L (Join group and then you need to go upstairs and there are the boards with the goodies)
JEWELLERY : MTP Arapaho beaded set - 0L (hunt gift - look for a wizard's hat)
BELT: INGENUE - Past HunT Gift (you can still find this belt at the store but not free)
SKIRT: S@BBiA::GroupGift No.13 - 0L
BLOUSE: Shampooo furyl blouse (Leopard) GG - 0L (group gift)
TIGHTS: {nestle my bosom} albino peacock tights - 1L