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Petals on your Lipgloss - Freebie Look

Ni hao my artists. :3 So before going to bed I am bringing the Tea Hunt again, I am just amazed by the items so I can't stop making up more and more looks. And here's this one. Once again was shoot at Kowloon (I was looking for a garden with cherry trees and couldn't find *pouts* ) and also found there this bowl that gives out this thingies on a stick. Goes well with the look. And once I had no jewelry this gives some extra touch on the look. hehehhe. Besides the Tea Hunt goodies I am wearing this new dollarbabie top from Willow (loves) and the hat is from the Lucky Chair @ Oompa, I've been to blog it for some time and finally got to do it today (better late then never). So don't forget to do the Tea Hunt... I guess I will shut up 'case I am getting sleepy.. but before going to cuddle on the bed I am giving the styling card. ^^. Hugsssssss.

BAG: *COCO*_Gift_Pochette - group Gift (colors modified)
SOCKS:Emery - Socks Rose- 0L (at the entrance)
HAT: oompa.kund.fedora.slither - Luckyboard
UNDERSHIRT: Willow~ Floral Bra Top -1L

OVER TOP: !O : Oriental Affair [DeepSea] (mod) -1L
SKIN: .::Mother Goose's::. Chiaki_Tea hunt02 -1L
TATTOO: ::{u.f.o}::orientalism (letter) 3 -1L
HAIR: ++AY.LinE++Darjeeling[[Marron]] - 1L
MOUTH and NOSE ATTACHMENTS: duboo.cherryblossom -1L
SHOES: loveme.Tea House HUNT - cherryblossom shoes -1L