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Parachute [FreebieLook]

Aloha. :] Another freebie spam to my lovely artists. See the title of the message? I've been crazy about this video and wanted for a long time to make some look and pictures inspired on it... I just love seeing them dancing... and the clothing... but but but... I am lonely in the pic *sobs as no one wants to take her to the church... hehehhe*. As I told earlier Phoenix Rising is having a closing sale, along with the 25L there's also lots of gifts bags at the entrance all priced at 1L. Most of those bags are gowns and in the middle I found this dress that also has lingerie parts... and so I am blogging the lingerie side of it. I think it is very pretty and when you take of the corset you get a very pretty bra (I always find difficult to find pretty and simple bras in SL).
This season I am in love with belts they are an amazing accessory to complete any look so here is (again) the belt I got at the Phoenix Rising sale.
Also the Jewelry Fair ended today... and I got to know that I lost the Jewelry making classes... baaaaaah. *goes back to the youtube tutorials*
And also want to spread with my artists that, after whatever time, I finally got back the wish of wanting a SL house... and so I using this lingerie.... with a construction helmet... *hopes neighbours don't play with camera controls* Just hope this island can keep up with the SL crisis and not be sold like the other one I was at. *crosses fingers*

SKIN: -Glam Affair- SofiaV2- Think Pink Hunt - part hunt gift
LINGERIE: -Phoenix Rising- Intentions - 1L
NECKLACE: -Phoenix Rising- Hearts Content-Pink 1 - 1L
BELT: -Phoenix Rising- Retort Belted Corset (Rose) - 25L
SHOES: SLink Lara Pumps Black - subscribo