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Skin blogger challenge

Here I present you my 130 skins.

Aloha. So I am a proud feed traveller. I know must people don't even bother to check on feeds... actually I even believe more and feeds help some people to arrive at ArtOfFreebies but not really that much as some people might believe. But I am not here to talk about feeds. So I was walking along feeds and lately have been seeing some people blogging lot of lil squares combined showing lots of skins. From what I heard someone had this challenge for people to show all the skins they have inventory.. unfortunately don't know whose brilliant mind had this idea so if you know please drop a comment telling so I can 'credit' that person.
Every week I get amazed by the challenges for bloggers, they are very creative and also appeal for bloggers creativity. I've been following them for some time now. This skin challenge was kinda funny. It doesn't matter if you have a lot or not... this is not about seeing who can collect more skins but shows people might have different views on skins... some people love changing every now and then others love to stick just to few. Besides that this challenge allows you to know what's going on your inventory and you may also find some goodies you don't even remember of and so you can still check on the actual work from these designers.
My inventory has a bit of everything. Natural, funny, themed, fantasy. But my personal taste goes on Fair tones, a lil of eye-liner and red lips. I am a sucker for this Sofia Skin from Glam Affair I got at the first ZombiePopcorn hunt, is the skin I use when not blogging, also have some more skins from the Sofia line and love them all. Also found this huge collection of skins from Imabee, I guess I have a big part of them is not skins I usually wear but they make such a pretty avatar. Also have lot of AtomicBambi (before using the Sofia skin from Glam Affair I used AtomicBambi for a long time) and also some Rockberry goodies.
I guess the skin and shape make the Avie. If you have a good skin and a good shape you don't have to worry about anything else.

Can you make your own shape? My shape is made by me... but only got it as I wanted more than a year after starting it. Remember if your shape is well made any skin will look fine on it. Skins are made for normal, RL alike shapes so have that on consideration. The more natural the avie is the prettier (in my opinion and guess other people think this way as well). So if you don't have big skills on making shapes you may consider buying one. (there's some free shapes around and with good quality).
A good skin costs a lot of money? I have seen crappy skins for lot of lindens and have seen good skins for a few lindens... If you're one of those people who can't afford a skin you may consider looking around the freebie blogs, hunt, group gifts and so one. I've bough several skins and the one I got in love with was found at a hunt... so keep your eyes open.
''I got this pretty skin/shape but doesn't look good on me. '' Everything depends on your shape or skin... there's shapes that look good with some skins and other skins that will look awful. This doesn't mean the skin/shape are not well done... they just don't match. So for no mistakes always get the DEMO before buying a skin or shape. They are for you to like.

My favourite skins shops:
Glam Affair

UPDATE!!! The person who started the challenge is this one. Thanks @ Ash