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One more day of JF - Ganked

Sawadee!! :D (hope I still know to say ''Hi'' in thai ). Yesterday I went to Mashooka, like a year ago I would be all crazy around Indian stuff and would get lot of goodies in there, they used to have this walls with oldies for low prices and also nice stuff on the lucky chair. So I went there and saw there was a new color of this outfit I got in the past at the Lucky Chair and so got it. Just love this black and golden thing, is a pretty texture and also a nice outfit itself. Also had those tattoos from Mashooka lost in my inventory and here they are.
Had this necklace from Ganked for Jewelry Fair and I had to blog it. The funny thing about Ganked is that its pieces can fit in all kinds of looks... is all about having imagination when dressing for it. This reminds me of some Egyptian necklace (Now can't explain how I end up dressed with Indian clothing... ). Is nice to see how different people can see a piece in different way. Have loved Ganked since forever. The owner is always very kind to the shoppers and also to the bloggers there's always a freebie in the store, lucky chair and MMBoard. So anyone have a way of having something from Ganked in the inventory. Also the other Jewellery prices from there is not expensive either.

SKIN: - Glam Affair - Sofia ( Tessa Outfit ) - past hunt gift
NECKLACE: $GaNKeD$ Lunatic Fringe Necklace in Peachy Aqua - JF item - non free
OUTFIT: :Mashooka: Indian princess gharara {black} - Lucky Chair
HEADPIECE: ZC : Nizam Head jewel *white* - non free