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Welcome to the Jewelry Fair

Greetings. ^^, Got to know about the Jewellery Fair some days ago... Unfortunately, sounded that was too late for me to make part of the bloggers team...Anyway, I dared and sent a notecard to one of the organizers trying out my luck. I jumped of happiness when later logged on and saw a group invite waiting for me. So here I am giving to my artists some info on this amazing Fair.
This Fair will be on from October 8th to 17th and will focus on the ''Beauty and The Beast'' theme. The Fair will be released at four Beautiful Sims, all decorated inside the theme of this classic Fairy Tail.
Each Sim has its theme, and very worth of exploring, besides the great booths and great Jewelery Goodies it is also very pretty to walk around and look at the pretty Landscapes. Each of them is decorated acording to the jewels that can be found in there. The forest has pretty Gipsy wagons and carts with the items to be sold, it features fantasy, ethereal and eclectic style jewelry, the colors of the forest are just stunning. In the Majestic Beauty's Castle you can find traditional , fancy and formal Jewelery that will make the tast of any princess and prince or Kind and Queen. The People's Village around the town square has some old-world Bavarian style shops where you can find more casual Jewels. Last but not least, you have the Beast's Castle, gives you the dark side of the story, the perfect place for Gothic and BDSM alike Jewelry lovers.
Alike other Fairs in SL, this Fair also looks foward to collect donations for RL instutions. You can help by buying the donation items made by the designers(50% goes to donation) and also candrop some Linden coins to the several draw-wells you find around the sims(100% goes to the OXFAM institution).Your lil' help can be precious for OXFAM.
Why visiting the fair? The images speak for itself, is a wonderful sim, with fab designers from SL (you find them all at one place) , your help can be precious for someone living in poverty, you shop (yay accessories *_* ), great quality and one thing I know my artists like: FREEBIES. Lot of the booths have some goodies priced at low prices or for totaly free. So your visit is more than worth. :]
Make yours and the others visit a Fairy Tail. How? The real beast at the Fair (as at any event in SL) is the lag, we can't stop lag from existing but we can help it being less. Remove all you prims, scripts, HUDs, you don't need to look fab, just enjoy your experience and walk freely without lag pushing your feet back. And if you have a fancy graphic card that allows you to move as you wish think about the others who might not be so lucky, don't be selfish. ^^, Make it a good story for everyone. Along the Sims you will find a signs like this, touch it and you will receive info on how to reduce your lag and also receive some bubble to walk around the Fair. :3

My personal view on the upcoming Fair.
The Fair as lot of items for all the tastes. Lot of the designers made amazing items featuring the Fair theme, you see lot of goodies with roses, flower, starts... everything a fairy may have. But I like whoever goes further this idea. The great thing also is that this fair gets you to know new designers and I found my passion!! This booth from VIOLATOR is just stunning. I was stoned at the adds and how different the creations were. But that's me, I like different things and so this creator had exposed my personal taste. :] Love Love Love.
Also love the stuff from Ganked and Donna Flora, as always. (heart) And collected lots of freebies that I still need to unpack and show off here to my artists.
Besides the shopping part the 4 sims are just perfect. The deco is amazing and great pictures can be taken around the area, so remember to take your cameras with you.
Princess Steffy fell asleep in SL while writting this post... and is now inside her bubble waiting for a Prince to save her and unpack her goodies. :D

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