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Do you Know your Enemy?

Hello. Me again... Going on extremes... I went from the desert to the snow... and from black to white. hehhehe. Long time ago that I wanted to do some strong girl in white, but was waiting for the perfect white hair and some white lace stuff.. Yesterday went to Ash trash and caught two wildcard rounds. *_* Usually don't blog Luck Chairs/boards prizes, but this bra was my dream bra!! And voilá. Also needed some high waist pants (free ones are hard to find around SL) and then remmembered The Seasons Hunt is almost ending and so should blog these I loved from the time I got it, and one more time the &Bean skin, I am just in love with that pretty eyebrows... Usually skins don't really have eyebrows that amaze me... but this one does. The Seasons Hunt is ending in TWO days (9th) so hurry to grab your goodies while you can. :D The hair is from Bliss Couture and Queen told me about it and I run quickly as I knew this white hair was perfect for my gun bra. ^^. (thanks Queen).

HAIR:!*Bliss Hair*! Abigail Hair (Gift) - 0L
CIGAR:[E3D] Diorama - Pack of "Pink Death" Cigarettes - not free
BOOTS:[IHS] Ground Stompers -boots -0L
TOP:Ash's Trash / GaGa Alejandro Bra - Lucky Board Prize
GLASSES:DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black] (wear me!) - Subscribo
BOTTOM:The Seasons Hunt - rbcg. - 0L
SKIN:&Bean - The seasons Hunt TAN - 0L