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Jewelry Fair - Freebies

Hey there cuties. :3 Going crazy with the Jewelry Fair. ^^. But crazy in the good way. hehehe. Before blogging anything else I should blog the FREEBIES I got at the Fair. They were tones, but some were too simple or didn't really caught my eye so I picked up the Art Of Freebies style alike. Hope you enjoy my selection. About the clothing and so on is all old freebies or stuff I bought, there's also info where they are from if you're interested but no further details.

PEARL NECKLACE:Dark Mouse Vintage 50's 2 Strand Pearl Necklace - White-0L (JF1)
RING:alaskametro (JF3)
(skin:Glam Affair; Dress: Rising Phoenix; Hair: Lelutka)JEWELRY SET: $GaNKeD$ Black Sherbet - 0L (JF3)
(Hair & Skin: Lelutka; Suit: Ash's Trash)
JEWELRY SET: $GaNKeD$ Coveted Necklace -0L (JF3)
HAIR BOW:*Ticky Tacky* Mitzi Is No Good Hairbow - Purple -0L (JF4)
(Hair: Loq; Skin:vive9; Dress:Swansong)