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Jewelry Fair - Violator

Greetings. I am doing some different post today. I want to make it different. I just feel so nervous about this post... don't ask why...I just do. hehehe. Still Blogging about Jewelry Fair's goodies and I got the honour to blog VIOLATOR's creations. I am like WOW. Blown away by how unique this Jewelry is. Since the beggining Art of Freebies wanted to blog about good freebies and also ART. And by Art I mean this pieces, they do not only require good skills with photoshop, prim making... blah blah blah. But they require something there's no tutorials around the internet: imagination. That's what art is for me. Is about fabulous minds and what maybe makes me this much nervous is to blog these items that I see as art pieces... and is like this art pieces have arrived my museum.
These pieces from Violator are available at the Jewelry Fair and they are on the Beast's Castle Sim. Is just speechless how much it gives to the look, you don't need a lot too look fabulous and look strong. Is very passionate but also with a dark side. I also went to the Mainstore and I was Wow. They have everything in there, Dresses, Hair, Jewelry... Just see one by one they are all unique.
The items can be worn in many styles such as Avant Garde and also Bondage Fashion.
I am not an artist... sometimes I wish I have gone that way when younger... I knew I was born with some talent but never got to explore it, to hold it with both hands and show the world it was mine. So I am pround I can see SL as an escape of my RL. SL makes me live close to art and who knows creating some slowly... I like to be outside the normal. Wonders about what normal is? For me normal is whatever you do daily. What your eyes get used to see. So I welcome you to something my eyes don't see everyday. :]

All the Jewelry pieces worn on the three pictures are from Violator:
1. Violator-The Punk,The Ruff and The Beast-Black-
2.Violator-Thank You For Your Lies-Black-by SVaher
3. Violator-My Fetish-Platinum/Black-by SVaher

Violator Mainstore
Beast's Caslte
And and Hugssssss to the Violator creators. :}