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Be aware that most of the content exposed here are freebies. Besides that I may accept review copies but will only blog things of my taste, won't lie to my readers.Read more info here. For any other questions you may contact me inworld or : My Flickr Plurk I am also human and have a RL. So if I don't blog something for lack of time is nothing personal. Hugsssss.


Eu tinha um cão chamado Cãostantino

Two posts in one day. I felt like posting something more Rock'n'Roll. \m/ I went to Bleh, a freebie store that sells really cute clothing, there's also some furniture in other building and also some cute couple poses. *_* Will blog those couple poses soon. :D When I went there I got the chance to talk with Marcillia Bumblefoot, the owner, and she's a real sweetheart. She was very welcoming and also told me she wants to do some Freebie Empire at her place and she's for sure doing a great job. I just wish I could also make clothing and sell them for low prices... unfortunally that seems impossible, I still have lack of skills and the last clothing I made was a total fail. 8D *rolls laughing* But if we want we can always reach what we want and I am sure one day I will be able to make at least some basic work... and yes, now I respect even more designers work, you don't do a piece of clothing in 5 minutes. So appreciate your freebies and never complain if they have something wrong in it... it's free and the person who created it lost time, patience and also some money honey. :]

HAIR:"LoQ Hairs" Brucella For TDR Blue Exclusive - 70L
T-SHIRT:((:Bleh:)) Tee's Nirvana - 0L
LEGGINGS:((:Bleh:)) Leggings (Pink) 1 - 0L
BAG: *COCO*_Gift_Pochette - Group Gift in store
SKIN: [FC] Cielia//MutedColours_L/FhangCandy - 1L @ Enky's Dollarstore
BOOTS:.*Courtisane*. Marie Lu - Brown - 1L @ Enky's Dollarstore
VEST:.:Vive9:. DearRabbit FurVest - 70L @ Dressing Room
BELT:[chuculet] low waist belt - brown - 2L
UNDERSHIRT:Emery - Reno Sweater #03 - 0L
GLASSES:K_gs Faxe/PastelPink - Group Gift in Store
SKIRT:{SMS} Simple Skirt Army Green - Group Gift