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The Owl

Hi hi! So really needed to post!! :D First of all want to thank Aurora Tremont for this dress of hers and also for the kind words. I love small shops... I confess... You wonder why... Small shops have all unique items... they are created slowly and not as something industrial that needs to hit the shelves just because people want to see more and more... also small places are comfy and cute as home. *:* Makes chooses easy also as you won't feel divided for a lot of stuff. The bad thing about being a lil shop is that you don't got the deserved recognizement. Aurora's Shop (auTre) is included on my list of comfy shops... also comfy for your wallet if you're looking forward to get some nice stuff and save money. Is all marked from until 100L (from what I say) and also some nice freebies on subscribo and store (that I have blogged previously). So take the ride to auTre and see the goodies.

Yiks... and bye Emerald. T.T

NECKLACE:LaGyo_Antehac necklace black/white
SKIN:#04 TPH Mynerva - Think Pink Hunt - 0L
HAIR:fri. - Tatum - Passionate Red - 0L @ Hair Fair
SOCKS:*GF* Ruffle Socks -mustard- [free sample] - 0L - on Subscribo and also available for free @ store
DRESS:auTre AbstractOwls - non free - Thanks Aurora
SHOES:Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Pearl - Subscriving- O gift