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''Is your name unique''

So everyday we are aware of content steal, people who sneak into others account and still their Linden love and the only thing no one can steal is your name... Oh wait... Now they might be able to!!
LL had some fantastic (irony) idea of this display names thing. People can change their display name and have the name they want, might sound good for those of us who would like to have a better name, but imagine seeing someone on chat using your name, giving a bad idea of you and pissing of others... and if you get AR'ed for what others did? This name will also be displayed on search. This may have some pros like for Roleplayers, but imagine the kind of crap people can do with your own name. They intent to do this change for the end of the month. Go for it show how much this idea can change our Second Life even to worse.

So I have to deal with crashes, ghosts, lost of quality, stores closing, stupid viewer and even more now have my name able to be used by any jerk? Oh com'on. ~~.