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A New Swan Queen

Hey there sweets!! Bringing what I think to be my last post of 2010!! And couldn't end in a better way. The look is kinda simple but it very meaningful, was made around the head piece by Finesmith that quickly made me think about the movie black Swan. I am not a movies person but I guess ballet, tutus, feather, dark, dance, classic music is a great fashion inspiration. So the movie soundtrack on and was time to get some ideas running. About 2010, was a great year in both lives, I feel blessed about my blog and the positive feedback, it taught me some great stuff, I have a better fashion view, met new places, new stores, learnt about SL and met amazing people!! The tattoo contains words that came to my mind while making plus words that were given by my plurk friends. Thanks to them.
Once again I am thankful for being able to review a art piece made by Yula. The headpiece comes and gold and silver and yes, the feather come together with it. (Just make sure you use a hairbase with it).
Also the heavy liner by Aemeth completed the look. This one looks pretty much like the movie make up I love it and sure will use it more and more times.
MAKE UP: [ a.e.meth ] - Heavy Liner Makeup (Runway) - Thanks Aemeth
HEADPIECE: Finesmith SWAN- Silver - Thanks Yula
SKIRT:DCNY Christmas Holiday 2010 skirt attachment - 1L (moded and tinted)
SHOES: OoEas! Princess Pumps - Subscribo
TATTOO: Made by me and thanks Plurk friends for sharing your fave words

1 and 3: 'NSA' - The Black Dog - past gift
2: Olive Juice- Fall Frills (skirt-friendly) - SALE!!