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Je dis

Hey there Artists!! Before something else this will be some kind of big post in both words and images so get ready. This also means lot of goodies I am introducing.
First the new skin by Glam Affair named Jadis. Once again fell in love with it... (have we heard this before?) also the launch of the Nero clothing line and a hunt with some nice items, 4 items 15L each.
New releases from Finesmith this time inspired by the models of their weekly Fashion contest (I guess final is on Friday). This collar I am wearing is inspired by Arisia who won the Bondage Fashion challenge. Is some simple looking collar but always with the beauty Finesmith has been getting us used to. Full menu with color, texture and resize options so you can make it match your outfits.
Glow Studio is holding a sale and photo contest!! Lot of the amazing accessories have a lower price (some discounts at 70%) and also 6 items marked at 10L.
If I was to give Jadis a family I would tell she's daughter of Eva and Castalia. :D I guess is a middle term for this two amazing previous skins, is cute but also with some class and serious look on it. There's a total of 12 make ups to choose from, I can't stop loving the magenta lips and wine lips and the cateye just gives it this amazing touch! Also as some newness, there's a ''Clean'' skin (the middle one on the pic) that is just perfect for tattoo make up lovers, is an amazing canvas to play on.
There's a two brows option also included so light hair people can now go also glam. :D

DRESS: Glam Affair - Nero - Hela - 15L (hunt)
NECKLACE: Finesmith Designs Collar inspired by Arisia Vs.1 - Thank you Yula
LASHES: [ glow ] Bohemian - Black Swan 02 - 10L
EYELINER:[ glow ] Avantgarde. eyelashes - eyeliner 01 -10L
EARRINGS: [ glow ] studio - White Diamond Passion Square Earring - 10L
MAKE UP: La Malvada Mujer - Twiggy - 10L
SKIN: -Glam Affair- Jadis- Light - 07(a) - Thank you Aida