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I am having a double Affair

Greetings Artists!! So I did it again.. another Glam Affair Skin review... just because I love it! This time I am showing two festive versions of Castalia and Eva made exclusive for the Holidays Hills. It just looks amazing and some of them can be used regularly even out of the Holidays Season! Hope you enjoy.
Also bring soon a freebie look.. I might be kinda busy in the next days, so people don't kill me. *beams innocent eyes*
First Skin is the Castalia line with 5 make up types. One very natural and other four inspired on the holidays. And can't deny how much I love the ''wine'' lipstick shade! Castalia is one of my fave skins from Glam Affair, it gives a very pretty look, well drawn eyes, long but not too wide and also this not so pouty lips that gives such a serenity look.
Eva fallows. You probably have seen several times this skin around. Lot of people have been in love with Eva, it has some bigger lips than the anterior skins, also gives this pretty wide eyes look. I found it a skin perfect for cute faces. *squeezes cheeks* About the Holiday Hills special version it also comes with 5 make ups, two with red lips (I seriously love this lip colour... totally rouge!) , one green eyeshadow and also the red nose and red cheeks version.
There's also a special pack of make up for you to play with your skins. They are ten in total (the middle image is to show the skin with no make up layers) you can find lace make ups (they are tintable so yay), three black eyeshadows and the nose and cheeks blush. (only 2.0 compatible )
Thanks Aida

Since phoenix was pushing too much for my computer and making it impossible to stay logged in for longer than 10 minutes (sad but true) and the other third party viewer were the same or I couldn't even run them I changed to Viewer Two. It is kinda weird... the whole aspect of it but at the same time it has a very nice performance and I could actually be logged in how many time as I wished and my computer wouldn't heat so much... so is a win, even more you have more possibilities such as multiple layers and multiple attachments so this also means I will bring even more complete looks!

Happy and Safe Weekend!!