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Something cute [freebielook]

Bam! *spams you with another look* I was doing my normal... feeds walk when I saw this sweet dress from MNK that is a group gift and thought I would prove that besides being a drama queen and silly I can also look cute (even if just for pics). :D The dress looked good with this pretty free tights from Paper Couture (I love thights... more patterns the best) and also joined the glasses from BerryInc that are nothing more but a sweetness (those lil white bows go well along with the dress). And to annoy I went to Kowloon again to take the pic. Is like a 2L look... so anyone can get this all easily (unless you don't have coins and only some paper money $_$ )
SKIN:::TASTY::Sofia Skin done Sub and group gift - 0L
EARRINGS:[Fairy Tail] February group gift @ store
BRACELET:[Fairy Tail]Bracelets #1 - 1L
HAIR:(part of) Amacci Skin - Irina Goth Pumpkin - Group Gift
GLASSES:Berries Inc. silly goggles ( gift) - 0L
DRESS:MNK*group gift :: Frill cami - 0L
TIGHTS: Paper Couture Fall 08 Gifts - 1L