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Pour ma cousine Ana Marie - Freebies

This night I had a dream about my cousin... It has been almost 2 months without seeing her (and also my good friends) she's younger then me but I just love her... we used to go to the bakery in the morning, take breakfast (toasts and good coffee) and once we would leave from the door I would burp out loud... this everyday... we used to have so much fun and laugh until my cheeks were hurting... we would talk weird alike, scream out loud and do pranks on friends... So how could I not miss it? Is not hard to be away from home but yes hard to be away from people that makes us call some place as home. Is to her that I dedicate this post... and I spent nearly all the afternoon just to make the look... just because I've been on this ''missing home shitty mood''.
I also wondered about a train station in SL... and as I know some people might be interested on seeing new places in SL I will try to do a reference to the place where the picture was taken. Like the idea? :D
So after reading the styling card click here to visit the train station. ^^,
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