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Finesmith - Review

Hello Hello! :D Always get so nervous when have to do a review for some item... still green at it. heheheh. But here is my featured goodies (brand) of the week. So before starting my speech on the goodies I want to send a huge thank you to yula Finesmith (the owner of Finesmith) for giving me the chance to review her goodies. I confess myself as a accessory addict. Love them different, with lot of options, and weird designs... but things that look good. I think this set looks very good for any type of women in SL.
The best about this is when you buy a simple necklace from Finesmith is like buying a lots of them.Why? When you click on your item it displays a menu and here the fun begins. The menu allows you to change the jewellery to other textures and colors... so everytime you can feel like you have a new piece of jewellery and also make it match your clothing. And this system saves you money (no buying fatpacks) and saves space on inventory. So all you need is to have fun with your mix and macth.
Finesmith is also holding a contest for some weeks now. And I blogged the info here in the past. This contest is open for anyone, and even those who don't want to be SL models can learn something there. There's a theme every week and you have to dress yourself according to that theme, wear different items and also include at least one item from Finesmith. The good thing I learnt while watching the show some weeks ago was something I never saw as really important.. POSES!! Why be aware? There's poses that are pretty but sometimes they just don't go with your outfits.. makes your hands be sank inside the skirts... makes your jewelry look out of place... looks like you have your hands lost inside your hair... and other things. That does not mean those poses are not good... but yes means you need to be better when searching your inventory for poses. So hope you look better with poses now. heheh. Fashion critiques are out there... so be aware.
SHOES: (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps - gold - subscribo gift
SKIN: -Glam Affair - Eva Natural 12
LINGERIE: -Phoenix Rising-Tainted (Gold) - 25L (closing sale)
HAIR: BM- Mohawk_H037_Black - 0L (everything for free there)

BRACELLET: Chloe's bracelet
EARRINGS: Chloe's Hallusinations- earring
NECKLACE: Chloe's Hallusinations- necklace
EYEWEAR: Finesmith Disturbia collection-veil