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My Promise is I'll hurt you - Freebies

Afff.. Finally done. Here's my fashion Halloween look. And most of the stuff is freebies so a big YAY on me. heheh. Well the items I consider non free for this post were actually some 'used to be' freebie stuff and I couldn't resist to add it to the look. Just loved so much the theme around this that took three pictures instead of the normal two. So give a award for being less lazy.
I just fell in love with the shoulder piece from the new Leezu group Gift. It came with some orange prim along... but I managed a way to make a pretty shoulder piece. So yeah, that's modified. The original look wasn't a dress.. but yes that group gift bodysuit sheer from Coco.. but while doing the Shockctoberfest Hunt I found this dress from Tasty and voilá. It has feathers like the shoulder piece so they were made for each other.
Despite my dark side, I've been listening to the *new* music from In This Moment. Maria Brink have been a Fashion Icon for me... and I love this duet she does with this Adrian Patrick guy... they practically scream on each others face, is love and hate express, go away I can't be with you thing... and I am so.. erm.. in love with it. ''I can't say what you're doing to me''. I seriously should have a blonde hair... but would be to bad to be a copy paste from her... And I also feel this looks like Miley Cyrus *ewwwww* .
SKIN: [FC] Cielia//MutedColours_L/FhangCandy - 1L @ Enky's Dollarstore
MAKE UP: [FC] StitchedUp Body ScaringV2 - Group gift
SHOULDER PIECE: [LeeZu!] Annie Dress HALLOWEEN GIFT - check notices - 0L
BELT: [LeL.Ultra]-EMERGENCY belt - non free
EARS: MW ilweran : Vampire Elf Ears set - Bat-Cave - 99L (only avai. @Halloween Season)
SHOES: Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary) v1.14 - BOX (don't know if still available for 1L)

''My promise is I will hurt you...''