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Misery Loves Company [FreebiesLook]

Aloha. I love orange, I think is the season color, makes it happy and so on... but orange, black and purple are making me sick. I see it everywhere and I know it's halloween season... but erm you don't need all to go on this colors. So last week I was reading some feeds and saw a picture of this dress, I loved the pieces and wanted it so badly to make mix and matches, was very excited to get it and play around. But wasn't really sure if it was that good or not... was a bit on the doubt. But hey, its free and doesn't hurt to get. The dress is part of a halloween Hunt and came out on the 15th I guess. So yesterday went to the store and grabbed it. I was amazed when I tried it out. Very nice to play around and falls out what you've been seeing around SL this last days. No orange and no black. Pretty white/crème textures. It comes with several attachments such as hair, mask, shoes and sculpted sleeves but I liked it this way. The skirt comes in 3 versions, two have the skeletons in different positions and the other one has no hanging skeleton, so is perfect to use out of the Halloween season. Also matched it with the corset from Lelutka and guess it looks wow. Also the Clawtooth hair from the Fifteen Linden Friday again, me loves it.

Also I feel 'sad' today... So during the morning I got aware of how many people waist their time making bad reviews on stuff, and I don't mean bad pictures or styles, but yes making reviews telling the bad stuff on products... making up stories... telling people to not buy it. I wonder how this happens. How people can waste time showing stuff they don't like and making up drama. I feel sorry for designers. Even if they have bad items, they may not do it on purpose, is like, they pay to upload stuff, they waste time making them, they pay their tier... So they aren't stealing anything from anyone. And I am glad and proud to support designers because I could never do better than them. Amen.

Bad SL people aside. The voting to let me know what you would like or already like at Art Of freebies is open and if you like it vote because I blog for you. One of the options is SL places and I found this pretty island where this picture as taken. Almost got killed. hehehe. But besides that is a pretty place. Take the limo: here. Go in there to travel, to hang out with your loved on or just get some shots done. Enjoy the best SL has. Muah . *

DRESS: [BOX] Dead doll Zombie raid ALIZA KARU - 0L
HAIR: Clawtooth : Turnip Sorbet - past 50L Friday
SKIN: [FC] Cielia//MutedColours_L/FhangCandy - 1L @ Enky's Dollarstore
SHOES: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps - subscribo