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Be aware that most of the content exposed here are freebies. Besides that I may accept review copies but will only blog things of my taste, won't lie to my readers.Read more info here. For any other questions you may contact me inworld or : My Flickr Plurk I am also human and have a RL. So if I don't blog something for lack of time is nothing personal. Hugsssss.


Kiss Kiss Kill Kill - Freebies

Hello Sugar Pies. :3 So I've been a lazy girl and have not been posting my freebies goodies... but so many stuff coming along that I don't know where to start at. One things I wanted to do was to blog the nice furniture I found at the Shocktoberfest. So this lil room house is from buttons, it has this pool of blood, table with TV and also a sit (not in the pic) and very low prim. The table set with chairs, candles and frame are from Magoa. They are just a sweet thing (flowery pattern) with his blood thing around... perfect for the Halloween Season. The unknown murder thrown all upside down...
The victim (moi) is wearing a outfit with the same name. Is from Paper.Doll and is an exclusive from ZombiePopcorn Brand, is not free but I enjoy it a lot. The tattoo layer is just stunning (the picture doesn't show) makes a pretty face even for who's dead. The knife comes along and goes from one side to the other. So nice. :)
I will try to bring a *REAL* Art Of Freebies soon. Let me just get along with SL as that lil bastard is loving to lag and so shut down my computer. T_T


SKIN: [FC] Halloween Gift_Josette Pale/Light - 0L
HAIR: RONSEM* FREE Hair / Mai - 0L
TIGHTS: Shampooo Stripe tights - Group Gift
OUTFIT: {paper.doll} TheVictim ZP Brand Store - non free

For those who like sale both Vivaposes and [AV] are closing doors. Vivaposes as poses for 50L and the singles are 10L each (only for 24h). And [AV] has everything for 1L. Very nice vintage clothing was one of my faves stores when I was a lil noob. :(