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80's on the hip - Freebies and News

The best thing about the new viewers is the tattoo layers. It can be so much fun and I am getting a big fan of make up layers. They are just amazing to play around with. Sometimes we wish our skin could match our outfits and I found this idea from [ a.e.meth ] very interesting. Is a tattoo layer, inspired on David Bowie, and you can actually recolour on any color you wish. So if you running the viewer 2 you can actually add layers over layers and have fun with... there's single options like, left cheek, upper eye.. etc. Just need to let your imagination float. The fat pack (comes with all options) costs only 100L, its worth once you have a lot of options and can add any color you wish. How?
Right click on your avatar and open the appearance Menu. Then select the ''Tattoo'' on the clothing column. At the bottom you see the ''Color/Tint'' option, click it, will open a color chart and now you just have to pick up the color you wish. ''OK'' and you ready to go.
If you're running the viewer 2 you have the amazing ability of wearing layers over layers. Just click ''Add to look'' and you can put layers over others.
Special thanks to Aemeth Lysette, who is the kind owner of [ a.e.meth ] store and give me the owner of blogging her goodies. Besides getting this pack of stripes for 100L there's also a green free version for you to play around. This is another ''small'' store I am happy to present. Is a very cozy and nice place, with a beach look and more goodies to check out.

MAKEUP: [ a.e.meth ] -Dramatic Paint Stripe Makeup - non free
HAIR:!*Bliss Hair*! Abigail Hair (Gift) - 0L
SKIN: [FC] Halloween Gift_Josette Pale/Light - Group Gift (comes with bloody tattoo layers)
LASHES: [chuculet] eyelashes - tila - 2L
JACKET: Emery - Jacket Sheena - For the Dressing Room Blue - 70L (very worth)

Also tomorrow starts the ::ShOcKtObErFeSt:: and it will be featured on AOF. I lil bird told it will be lots of fun, the place is gorgeous, spooky, lots of goodies in the hunt and spooky... and scary, and spooky again. heheheh. Stay tuned.