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Ohai!! :D It's me again bothering you with some weird looks. hhehe. So today I went to *COCO*'s and found out this hat I just fell in love with. It gave me some reasons to laugh as it remembered me of a show I love to watch: Bruno Aleixo. Is a portuguese show about some weird creature whose in nowadays is a dog. That character remembers me. He's stubborn, crazy, childish, tuga (portuguese), speaks weird, dresses weird, says 10 stupid things in a 9 word phrase (?), etc... I am like that too, SL and RL. And I love to laugh and so Happy that just a group gift made my day. *dances the macarena* And so I still blogging Seasons Hunt Stuff and as well still using the belt from Ingenue!! (I am in love with it) Also I will be blogging along with Vanessinha more stuff from the hunt so will be another fun post and also some elegant post (damn Vanessinha is always so elegant :3 ). And more two portuguese ladies in the same post. So handle this. ^^,
Don't forget to scroll down to listen to my inspiration singing the Scatman song. *_*


SKIN:*Cupcakes - Kawaii - Coral - Dolled - Cleavage - Group Notices
NECK:!!KKBB!! Tifani Dress (collar) - Giraffe-5L (part of a dress)
HAT:*COCO*_Gift_FurTrapperHat - Group Gift
BAG:*COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag - Group Gift (mod)
GLASSES:DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black] (wear me!) - Subscribo notices
SKIRT:Ingenue :: Highland Traveler :: Skirt - Seasons Hunt
BELT:Ingenue :: Highland Traveler :: Belt - Seasons Hunt
SWEATER:{SMS} Longsleeve Tee Brown - Seasons Hunt