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Save your Dimes for the Jukebox

Today was wandering around some blogs when saw some challenge proposed in here . Basicly this person had some new person to SL begging for 20L to get some hair... with the excuse that she (or he) was new and had a ''ugly doll''. There's people who love to beg for money to buy stuff in SL... is just a game... and no one will die for lack of money. Also those two looks in the pictures were made totally free. SL has a huge range of creators and designers and some of them give away their stuff for free. So no need to beg for money, to use stolen content or to think sl is no fun just because you're poor. Enjoy my version of the challenge (okay I am outta date but stills fun). Luffles all.

SKIN: Imabee! Umeko group gift skin (0L)

SHORTS: *COCO*_Gift_AthleticShorts (0L)

JACKET: /artilleri/ Marion cardigan (jacket layer) *pink* @ subscribo

GLASSES: /artilleri/ gladys glasses *group special LEO* (also on the subscribo pack)

HAIR: Analog Dog Free ball: pistachio eggplant (0L)

SOCKS: Emery - Stripe Thigh-High Sock (comes in the call me free outfit) 0L


SHAPE: my own shape made by me

SKIN: .:*Sowelu Skin*:./Group_Gift_May2010

PANTS: Part of Artilleri Chacha outfit @ Gnubbie (1L)

TOP: part of ORTA opening gift in the subscribo

HAIR: Kin-(Freebie)Kestrel -[black] (box with 0L old hair)

SHOES: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps @ subscribo