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Be aware that most of the content exposed here are freebies. Besides that I may accept review copies but will only blog things of my taste, won't lie to my readers.Read more info here. For any other questions you may contact me inworld or : My Flickr Plurk I am also human and have a RL. So if I don't blog something for lack of time is nothing personal. Hugsssss.


Kewl Kid - Freebie Look

Hey there Sweets!! Another colorfull post with some nice gifts, freebies and another great goodies to give you a hint on how to spoil yourself just a lil. This weekend lot of great news will be around make a note that this Saturday (15th) 3 great things will happen: CHIC Limited, Pro Posers Hunt and the Seasons Hunt Winter. So is and hunt and shop until you drop!! (peek on CHIC Limited items coming soon)
I saw on this blog these free headphones for free, went to check it out and fell in love with the place and so stayed there to take some pics. :P
RITA!! That's the name of this stunning ankle boots made by Vive9. This pic has no editing besides crop and liquify on the legs so you can see the boots how they are. They are just perfect I will for sure be wearing these for some time. They have no ugly invisible prims that makes my shadow pics look weird, well textured, smooth design, not heavy in scripts , a menu that allows you to change some things like sole color.... the only complain I have is the fact that there's so much pretty textures to choose from (plain textures and patterns) that a girl feels like in a tempting shoe heaven. :P (Sure this is no bad complain)
HEADPHONES: jbx Headphones - 0L (here)
BOOTS:.: vive9 :. RITA Boot in ChinaMen - NEW!!
SHORTS: : vive9 :. Jogger Shorts - Red/Blue - Group Gift
(there's a fee to join -150L but THREE group gifts are available ATM)
HAIR: [e] Say 2 -0L
JACKET:Emery - Jacket Sheena
SOCKS:Emery - Socks [Orange] - Group Gift
SHIRT: Sonic_T ::Maschienenwerk:: 1 -0L
GLASSES: Tasty - They are having a 10-50L moving sale!!

Special thanks you Sanya. :]