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Happy Holidays from the Ghost Family - Freebies!

This image was made for laughing proposes... in case of wanting to add to some category such as ''blog fail'' please feel welcomed... my husband wasn't morphed but yes rezzed on my skybox!
Happy Holidays Hunt starts today at 4PM SLT. Once again a hunt organized by Chic Management and these are those kind of events no one should miss! I will possibly be blogging some items soon, unfortunately couldn't do it earlier.

SET: Little Boxes Candy Christmas - Happy Holidays Hunt - 10L
(comes with more furniture like bed, rugs,... )

PANTIES: Black&Blue Outfitters Snowflake Chonies - FTLO Hunt - 0L
EYE TATOO: Cheap Make up - Under eyeshadow - Zombie Popcorn Hunt - 0L
SKIN : Glam Affair - Castalia Holiday Hill 4 - non free

I don't really know... but guess he loves good brands like Freebie Dungeon.

ME: aDORKable Poses: Wreaths - Happy Holidays Hunt - 10L
(10 poses with different wreaths with poses built in)
HUSBAND: AFK pose by Linden Lab

Happy Holidays!!