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A Casual Bliss

Greetings sweethearts! I am bringing a very *important* post as is such a honour to drop some nice news... you wonder what's new? Bliss Couture is well known name for most of us. The pretty ball gowns have been making history in SL for some time, then the pretty and different hairstyles that were included recently. Bliss Couture now also goes casual. So for those who don't really like gowns or for normal daily use there's some pretty pieces ready to join your inventory. Not less well made then the stunning gowns the casual line features simple but at the same time some nice couture...
The line is only coming out on 10th of December and Art of Freebies has the pleasure of letting you take a peek.

*Bliss Couture* Classic Jeans - Nice low waist jeans they also include large prim cuffs but looks nice also without it.
*Bliss Couture* BoyFriend Jeans - This are my fave! I love the textures, and also love the fact they are short pants looks amazing with both heels and boots. Easily included on all kinds of look.
*Bliss Couture* Kristal Halter Pantsuit - This is a one piece outfit with a very 70's and summery touch. Large cuffs and a prim bow on the back of the neck. (belt not included)

*Bliss Couture* Collared Sweater & *Bliss Couture* Sora Knit Top - They both include bottom prims not shown on the picture.
Redsoledrea Mohair Belero - Fur *alike* vests are the big trend of the Winter and so is my fave accessory. Is not the first time I've shown fur vests on my blog and here is another one. I love it makes it look yummy like cotton candy and also so cozy for the Winter. Comes in several colors here I am showing some very colorful options... because winter is not suppose to be sad.

A huge thanks to Queen who gave me the honour of showing these goodies in first hand and always for all the support. (hugssss)

And you artists give yourself some goodies on the 10th. This clothing rocks!